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Frequent Asked Questions

Here is a list of the most Frequent Asked Questions about SYNCRA City.

SYNCRA Robot - Offering, Hand, Explain,

Can people walk in and buy tickets at the venue?

Yes, you can visit SYNCRA and get your tickets at the entrance. However, we suggest getting your tickets in advance to maximize your experience at the event and reduce waiting times. 


Do you offer refunds for tickets?

We do not offer any refunds. All sales are final. Please choose your ticket packs and dates carefully. 


Is the event accessible for people with disabilities?

Yes, it is.  SYNCRA is an inclusive experience and everyone is welcome. We offer $5 CAD tickets for one companion or caregiver of a person with disabilities. This ticket is only available to purchase at the box office (entrance) 


Is the event suitable for a young child (toddler)? 

Parents, please use your discretion when making this decision. Very young children have enjoyed the exhibit, while one or two have been slightly overwhelmed. The experience is immersive and interactive, not meant to be scary, but there are numerous lights, loud music and sound effects.

Suppose you are planning to visit us with your Children. It's suggested to book a time around 1 pm - 3 pm Saturday or Sunday. Those are the best time slots as there are not the busiest hours. 


If I leave the venue, can I come back to the event?

Yes, you will be granted re-entry as long as you come back within a 2-hour window of the entry time of your ticket time slot.


What happen if I arrive later than my ticket timeslot?

If you are late we will grant you entry as long as the next timeslot isn't sold out. For this reason, we suggest arriving on time and avoiding any waiting time or constraints to your experience.


How long can I stay in SYNCRA CITY?

Once you enter SYNCRA City, You will be able to do the walkthrough at your own peace. This means that you can stay as long as you want. 

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