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What is Experience SYNCRA ?

Experience SYNCRA is an interactive exhibit that merges Music, Tech, Sci-fi, Interactivity, Animation, and Visual Design to create a futuristic cyberpunk city that lives in a constant state of flow between each of its neighbourhoods and the music beat that fuels the city.

The immersive experience and the interactivity are felt everywhere. Every colour, shape, or music beat is in perfect sync, and everything moves beautifully as the guests interact with each of the city's neighbourhoods, creating a unique futuristic cityscape.

The exhibit uses top-notch technology such as visual projections, spatial augmented reality,  and complex interactive games that will deliver a unique visual and immersive experience. This is an excellent opportunity to visit and witness the potential of technology implemented in art and entertainment.

You are invited to come and become a citizen of SYNCRA City and keep the city alive, living a unique experience each time you visit us.

The Neighborhoods 

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SYNCRA_City, Map, Immersive, Cyberpunk Experience-min.png
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