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Limited run on select dates

February 14th - April 30th

Entry Times and Closing Times

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                                                    Thank You, Vancouver


What is it?

A futuristic immersive experience where guests will travel through interactive exhibits to travel in time to SYNCRA City, a cyberpunk cityscape where electronic music, visual projections, and user experience will change upon guest interactions. No one will experience the same twice.


A unique Experience

SYNCRA will start their North America Tour in Vancouver to delight crowds with a walkthrough audiovisual experience with dozens of interactive elements that control the overall environment of the exhibit making each visit a unique experience for everyone passing through the 7000 sq ft space. Every guest's interaction with the cityscape will change something in the room, creating endless possibilities to enjoy and feel this cyberpunk city.  It’s a brand-new way to explore Music, Digital Art, 3D Animation, Technology, and Creativity. 



SYNCRA City has a limited capacity per day! Get your tickets in advance and don't miss this unique experience

Interactive Immersive Experience

Capture Stunning Visuals

Original Electroninc Music

Do you want to host a private party or buyout  SYNCRA City for a private event?


SYNCRA is located 10 min walking away from Commercial-Broadway Station at  3250 Commercial Drive

Image by cheng feng



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Welcome to Syncra

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